Woman ‘being beaten by boyfriend’ rescued by dinosaur, tiger and cowboy ‘furries’

Woman 'being beaten by boyfriend' rescued by dinosaur, tiger and cowboy ‘furries’

A woman who was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend while driving was saved by a trio of costumed characters, after they pulled the suspect out of the car and forced him to the ground.

The dinosaur, tiger and cowboy, who sprang into action in the US city of San Jose, California, had been attending a so-called furry convention — where people who enjoy dressing as anthropomorphic animals gather for talks and events.

But mobile phone footage posted online showed them coming to the rescue of a female motorist after she pulled up to a nearby curb while allegedly being beaten by her partner in the passenger seat.

The three have-a-go animal heroes can be seen restraining the man after dragging him from the car.

“Furries pulling together to stop an abuser last night was absolutely wild,” tweeted the person, going only as Robbie, who posted the video.

Kin Shiratsuk, one of the three involved in the impromptu spot of crime-busting, claimed: “This guy was just walloping a lady. He had to have hit her 10 times.”

She added in an interview with NBC: “I was able to grab him by the back, pull him out of the vehicle and put him on the ground with as little violence as I could.”

Fellow furries attending the conference could not have been prouder of the trio.

“Even though we’re wearing animal costumes, we’ve got some humanity as well,” said one while dressed as a cat. “It’s just a natural thing to want to help someone in need.”

The restrained boyfriend — later named as 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett — was arrested and booked into jail for domestic violence, police said.

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