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Heritage heroes eased the pain

On Monday, July 6, 2020, we had the unfortunate experience of having to put our two 16-year-old dogs to sleep. They were brother and sister, had never been separated, and were experiencing many health issues as well as dementia. After discussing with our vet, we all agreed it would be best for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

At a time when we were experiencing great trauma, dread and sadness, the heroes at Heritage Animal Hospital South helped to ease the pain of having to say goodbye to our precious Ayla and Yogi. They had all known our dogs for all their years as we not only took them there for routine veterinary care but they visited each first Friday of the month for their “spa day.”

Dr. Jessica Cooke, DVM, and Destiny, their Vet Tech, were so loving, caring and compassionate as to what we were feeling and experiencing, They handled the whole process with such grace and sensitivity. Our babies passed quickly, peacefully, simultaneously and with dignity in our loving arms.

We drove to my sister and brother-in-law’s beautiful property, where Ayla and Yogi had always liked to run and explore. They had already prepared a grave for our dogs in a lovely spot. They are heroes, too.

We are grateful for all the years of love and care that all the staff at Heritage Animal Hospital South extended to our sweet dogs (as well as many other pets over the course of 30-plus years). We will always appreciate how great you are.

— Cynthia and Bob Evans, Terre Haute

It’s time to heed signals from God

I have been thinking about what is going on in America and I think God is trying to get everyone’s attention and some to open their eyes to see that God knows what the cure is. 

So, America, open your eyes and pay attention to what God is trying to tell you all. This is a sign of the end, so open your hearts and let Him in before it is too late for you.

— Christy Daugherty, Terre Haute


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