Meet the Canine Critic of

Meet the Canine Critic of

Lenny, the 7-year-old Boston Terrier, is used to getting noticed. As an AKC Grand Champion, he competed at the Westminster Dog Show twice — his second time he was the oldest Boston at the show as well as being the only Boston that year who also had performance titles. (He has titles in Agility, Rally, Trick Dog, FastCAT, Obedience and is working on his therapy dog certification.) Lenny’s latest achievement? Being named first ever official Canine Critic.

Photo: Courtesy Joe Freni

Owner Joe Freni says the basic job description is visiting various hotels across the country and seeing what they have to offer in terms of pet-friendly amenities and how they truly cater to dogs. Joe says, “Our goal for Lenny being the Canine Critic is to show everyone how much fun it is to travel with your pet, how many pet-friendly hotels there are across the country, as well as giving people who want to travel with their pets a real honest review from Lenny and me, from Lenny’s perspective on how pet friendly each hotel is that we travel to. We also hope to visit many events in conjunction with each stay.”

So, what does this hard-working pup do with his downtime? “Lenny absolutely loves to play frisbee, go for car rides, run and play on the beaches of Cape Cod and travel with his family,” Joe says. Other family members include a French Bulldog, a few English Toy Spaniels, plus his human mom and dad.

Photo: Courtesy Joe Freni

Lenny and Joe also give back by doing various fundraisers through the Lenny The Boston Facebook page as well as working with groups like MIT in raising money for Alzheimer’s Research, plus they helped raise thousands for various charities alongside friends via his Facebook page. Joe says that Lenny, who was a gift from his wife, has been one of the best things to happen in his life.

Follow Lenny on Facebook @LennyTheBoston, Instagram @puppy_kid, on Twitter @LennyTheBoston and soon on Facebook Gaming (gaming with Dad) as “The Super Boston Bros”.

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