Fort Collins COLORpockit creates coloring cards addressing mask wearing

Fort Collins COLORpockit creates coloring cards addressing mask wearing

Today’s smartphones offer a variety of apps to keep your mind occupied when sitting in waiting rooms or restaurants, waiting for a bus, or even waiting for an online meeting to start.

Being on a computer, tablet and phone all day can get old, making it hard for your mind to stop spinning. Your brain begins to crave some other activity, something to channel energy in a relaxing way.

That’s where coloring might just be your option for relaxing your mind in a creative way.

Mike and Dalaine Bartelme, founders of Fort Collins company COLORpockits, have made it possible for adults to easily incorporate coloring into their lives by creating a small portable kit.

COLORpockits are small enough to fit in a purse or backpack. (Photo courtesy COLORpockits)

Dalaine Bartelme came up with the idea of a portable coloring kit for adults when she was out at lunch with Mike and their son.

“I just sort of said out loud that I wish there was something small, like an e-reader, that I could put in my purse so that when I had downtime, instead of being on my phone, I could color,” she explained. “So just at that very first lunch, we hammered out the details of what we wanted and what we wanted it to look like.”

After doing some research, the Bartelmes found that there wasn’t any products offering adults portable coloring options that was something other than a book.

“It was created because it was something that I wanted,” Dalaine Bartelme said, laughing. “I am always into being creative. I love color, pattern and texture so this is another creative outlet for me.”

The kit includes 12 dual-tip colored pencils, a sharpener, 12 four-by-six coloring cards and a wood or plastic container that doubles as a coloring deck.

Once finished, the cards can be framed or used as post cards by filling out the backside with a message, address and adding a stamp.

Beginning packages with all the supplies listed above sell for $27.99 for the plastic version, which comes in your choice of five different colors, and $55 for the wood version.

The company sells accessories like carry bags, extra pencils and more on its online store. Additional coloring decks range in a variety of styles such as fantasy, mature themes and nature. The company also offer various difficulty levels from decks with very intricate detailing to some decks including gray scale that helps with shading and making the colors pop.

Every coloring deck is designed by real artists chosen by the Bartelmes, and their bios are featured on the company’s website.

In addition to adults, COLORpockits offers decks for children and teens. The company recently collaborated with Loveland artist Harrison Hand to create a special series called “Jalapeño’s Masketeers.”

“I created Jalapeño because of COVID and everything that was happening. He has a much more positive focus with soft humor encouraging people to wear masks,” Hand explained. “Things go so ugly so quickly and masks become very politicized. The science is that they do help the spread of the virus.”

Loveland artist Harrison Hand created “Jalapeno’s Masketeers” coloring deck to help children understand the importance and reason for wearing a mask. (Photo courtesy COLORpockit)

The series is geared like a comic book and addresses the importance of wearing a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19 as well as a way to show kindness to others.

“It meshes really nicely with what we are trying to do,” Mike Bartelme said. “Parents can use this as a way to help their kids work through this issue from a position of kindness and niceness.

“All the cool animal heroes are wearing masks,” he added, chuckling.

The set sells for $7 with $1.50 of each sale being donated to Hand’s nonprofit of choice, the Colorado Foundation for Conductive Education (CFCE).

“We wanted to do something that would help the community as well as a charity,” Dalaine Bartelme said. “So we are hoping this deck will do both those things.”

CFCE is a nonprofit that offers an intensive, holistic approach to traditional therapy for individuals with motor disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.

A self-portrait of Loveland artist Harrison Hand. (Photo courtesy COLORpockit)

Hand is an author, illustrator, filmmaker and actor who has created the “DragonStone” story-verse books, a sci-fi fantasy series about a “teenage outcast who finds herself drawn into a dangerous destiny,” Hand’s website explained.

Hand has also created the “Braids and Blossoms” coloring deck for the company.

For more information on COLORpockit products, or how to become a featured artist, go to

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